Thursday, April 9, 2009

One Day and Counting

BGC is due tomorrow! That being said no one really knows when we will be blessed with the appearance of our little girl. We are putting the finishing touches on the house and hoping we are ready to greet her into our lives. We will be posting photos here as soon as she check back often as your guess is as good as mine!


  1. eagerly awaiting some news...cara, maybe a few jumping jacks??

  2. Not to hurry you or anything... however 41 weeks? Really? Is being pregnant really that fantastic? We're getting impatient out here. Enough of keeping BGC all to yourself.

  3. As I recall, April 17th got the most votes on the Channing Post as the likely arrival date. Let's make the 17th the clear winner; BGC, are you listening?

  4. Welcome Annika Marie! Congrats Cara and Kent-----Cara, talked with your Mom this morning after getting an e-mail with your wonderful news! How much fun to see "first" pictures of your little angel! Keep the pictures coming!

    Much love to all of you, Linda and Rich

  5. Welcome Annika Marie! Congrats Cara and Kent----loved seeing "first" pictures....keep them coming!

    Much love, Linda and Rich

  6. Hi Cara, Kent and Annika,

    Love to all of you. The pictures are just great. Cara the picture of you in the hospital with Annika is amazing. You look picture perfect! Love to all of you.

    Pam and Bert